The Bristol SEG hosts a series of lectures, fieldtrips and seminars aimed at engaging students, academics and industry professionals in discussions about economic geology and the mining industry. See below for an outline of the events from 2015 - 2016

Life as an Exploration Geologist - Lucy Crane - Altus Strategies

Following in the footsteps of the 'Father of English Geology', William Smith

The Bristol SEG enjoyed a beautiful, sunny if quite chilly, February day exploring the historic economic geology sites of Somerset through the eyes of William Smith, the 'Father' of English geology.

2015 marked the 200th anniversary of the publication of the first geological map of England and Wales, drawn by surveyor William Smith. In celebration of the bicentenary, the University of Bristol prepared a guided field tour of some of the key localities of William Smith's life and work in the Somerset area between 1791 and 1819...

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Diamonds: A Window into Deep Mantle Processes

Our very own Head of School, Professor Mike Walter, entertained a large undergraduate and postgraduate audience with his presentation on his research on the fascinating world of diamonds and what they can reveal about deep mantle processes.

WHAT LIES BENEATH?! Fieldtrip to the Redcliffe Caves, Bristol

On a cold but crisp winter's evening the Bristol SEG were guided around the Redcliffe Caves by local caving expert Alan Grey. The caves stretch for over 9 acres beneath the city and have an illustrious history at the heart of Bristol life.

After meeting us outside the Ostrich Inn, Alan took us around the wharf to the unassuming cave entrance - but we weren't allowed in straight away! First we went on a walking tour of the Redcliffe area where Alan explained the rich history of the wharfs and the various African goods traded there by local merchants...

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Meet the New Students - Summer Internships in Mining

Our first event of the new academic year saw new PhD students Ed Bunker and Simon Dahlstrom join fellow PhD students Becky Perkins and Amy Gilmer as they shared their experiences of internships in the mining industry. The presentations gave the students valuable advice about how to get internships within the mining industry with many students leaving feeling  energised and with fresh ideas for obtaining work experience. The evening was a definite success with many amusing anecdotes along the way including more than one about vehicles gettting stuck in the mud... A rite of passage for any economic geologist it seems!

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