The Bristol SEG Student Chapter is part of the parent Society of Economic Geologists or SEG. The SEG is an international organisation which aims to provide economic geology related opportunities to its members serves as a link between undergraduates, postgraduates, academics and professionals with an interest in economic geology. Our Chapter at the University of Bristol is one of over 80 affiliated Student Chapters around the world.

The University of Bristol Society of Economic Geologists Student Chapter (or Bristol SEG for short) was founded in 2015 to complement the growing economic geology research group in the School of Earth Sciences. The Bristol SEG aims to connect students, academics and industry united by an interest in the geology of ore deposits. Each academic term the Bristol SEG hosts a series of events aimed at raising the awareness of all things ore-deposit related within the School, giving like-minded individuals the chance to exchange ideas and explore the geological world outside the lecture theatre.

The Wills Memorial Building, home to the School of Earth Sciences and the Bristol SEG Student Chapter

Please explore our website to find out more about the Bristol SEG Student Chapter! See what we have been up to recently in the gallery of past events or what is coming up soon in our up-to-date calendar. If you would like to know more about the Bristol SEG then please feel free to contact us through our webpage or email any of the committee members.


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