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University of Bristol Society of Economic Geologists Student Chapter

Recent News

29/10/17 - A big thank you to every who came to last weekend's trip to Cornwall, and to our successful opening event! Photos will be up on the Events page shortly. Also, this Tuesday (1/11/17) will be our first in a series of guest lectures; Dr Dan Smith from the University of Leicester will be speaking about the element Tellurium. More information can be found on the Events page.

19/10/17 - The first event of the SEG guest lecture series will be on 24th October at 5pm. Lia Ituarte, a Bristol Research Fellow in Mineral Systems, will be speaking about working in the mining industry and links to academia. Don't forget to bring £5 to sign up as a SEG member for the year for access to all guest lectures!

21/9/17 - The field report for the SEG trip to Ireland is now available, and can be viewed here.